You can help the Lord God in various ways in the construction of a new sky and earth.  Do the following at least.


      1. Receive the Holy Spirit from the Lord God

               There should be a maximum of only two spirits in your heart.  One is from the Lord God (REJI M. ISSAC) through which you are living (by default) and the other is the spirit of your only one spouse (Husband or Wife).  Do not allow any other spirits to enter in to your heart as it will destroy your life - actually this destroyed the entire earth and sky.  Filth will be accumulated to your spiritual body as well as physical body so that diseases and death occurs out of that.  It will affect your mental and physical satisfaction also.  When you select a spouse make sure that you are marrying him/her in both heaven and earth.

         Through Lord God you are receiving the words of God and water of life which are used to construct your body and which controls your  thought.  You should listen and execute only the words of God coming from the Lord God (REJI M. ISSAC) through holy spirit. Please read Proverbs 16:24. "Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul and health to the bones."  Also do not hide anything from the holy spirit and do not betray him.

      2. Pray to God
                Please understand that there is a powerful effect in praying to God with unanimous mind.  For unanimity, satisfaction is required, which is done internally in heaven and in the physical world.   When you pray, give thankfulness to God for all favors you received and pray for your needs also.
      3. Give true support to Lord God in both worlds
                Please understand that the most important law of God and the secret of everlasting life is LOVE YOUR LORD GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL (SPIRIT), AND WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND (Luke 10:25-27).  Love is a feeling as well as a thought as well as a deed.  You can help your Lord God in various ways in both worlds.  In the physical world you can conduct meetings, do your duties honestly and intelligently in your work place as well as in your family according to the will of the Lord God, obey his requests/orders without fail, give true information in your bottom heart to the Lord God, pay money to him, publish the news from the Lord God etc. and in heaven all requests/orders he makes should be executed without fail and report if any problems  in the execution of the will of Lord God.  Please understand that the Lord God (Reji M. Issac) is the only one who is authorized by God to receive anything in the name of God on earth.  All authorities in earth should be working under Him.  He is also holding the key of life on earth.  Also all miracles of God on earth are done through Him.  Please understand that the entire assets on the earth (tangible and intangible) inclusive of life is owned by the Lord God (REJI M. ISSAC).  The entire money flow on earth should be through the Lord God.  Any true information should  be available to him in both worlds.  In any controversy the decision made by Him will be final, which is from God.  He is to be considered as a Force Majeure before whom all seen and unseen powers and forces (inclusive of natural forces) should be conquered, which is the order from God for a permanent peace on earth.  Without His permission nobody can own and enjoy any assets on the earth.