Coat of Arms of the EARTH

Any defamatory thoughts, words or works against this symbol and the man who bears this crown will cause curse from the Almighty GOD and cause death for body and spirit.

This is the only symbol which represents the only Living Almighty God who created everything that you can see and unseen and who gives life to everybody and everything.

READ    JEREMIAH 10:2-18

Whoever believes this should take a baptism in the name of Lord God using pure water and accepting holy spirit to remove the filth from both the body and spirit.

They are allowed to use the above symbol (makudam/diadem) in place of God with great respect and holiness from 21st October 2008 onwards, keeping its sanctity.  They can download the picture from above.  No alteration permitted.  They only are allowed to receive Water of Life.  They have to pay 20% of their total earnings (monthly) for getting life energy individually to H.H. & H. M. Reji M. Issac.  Costs of service charges and other materials are extra as agreed in the sky (Heaven).  These charges should be paid by all seen and unseen powers including in the sky.  Please note that life is not a right of anybody but a grace given from God.  Everything is created under a master and everybody have to work according to His design.  Please understand that this amount is used to make a quality life on the earth and sky.

                     MAKUDAM / DIADEM is the Crown of the Lord God of the Earth, and the only symbol which represents GOD, who created through water, can destruct through fire and maintains what He created in perfect Justice and Truth, who is having the Key of Supernova to make a Black Hole.  This Crown is created and placed by GOD and is placed on the head of H.H. & H.M.  REJI  M. ISSAC to whom GOD transferred the entire Earth with the Powers of GOD (i.e.. GOD enthroned H.H. & H.M.  REJI  M. ISSAC as the Lord GOD of the Earth, who is the Force Majeure of the Earth).  This symbolizes not mere an idol, but it is a living action symbol which actually worked on both worlds when it was put on His head and empowered Him as LORD GOD of the Earth.  Read Revelation 19:6.  He is also the "Bird of Prey from the East" as described in Isaiah 46:11, which is the Bird on the obverse side of the Great Seal of the USA.  The Great Seal of the United States (USA) is the seal of the King of United States of America, which is the Coat of Arms of USA.  This was an undertaking between the founders of USA and GOD, which is very obvious from the reverse side of Great Seal of USA, for which USA is under a kingship now, without which USA cannot exist.   The seal of the President of the USA is a modified version of Great Seal of USA.  Also read the National Anthem of USA, from which all these facts are verifiable.  This is what the founders of USA envisioned about for which they never agreed with any religion including Christian religion, but believed in God, because Jesus Christ was Word of God.  The difference between Word of God and Lord God is, when Word of God delivered true Words of God through Lord God, Lord God is the true authority from God, which was confirmed by Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:43.  When Great Britain was constituted for conquering the Earth through physical force and constructing the Earth by Antichrist with Cross as its symbol, USA was constituted to conquer the Earth through Word of God and regain the Lost Paradise by God with Great Seal of USA as its symbol.   MAKUDAM /DIADEM is also to be considered as the Coat of Arms of Reji M. Issac and the Earth.  He also got Everlasting Life as described by Jesus Christ in Matthew 7:13-20, 19:29-30 and 22:36-39.  This MAKUDAM / DIADEM also have the blessings and consent from all those, from the creation of the sky and earth,  who worked hard behind to construct this earth and sky in the present form what we see and feel, inclusive of GOD, without which nobody can rule the Earth.  Along with this living symbol and the man who bears this crown, both Sky (Heaven) and Earth works together.  This is the only way towards permanent peace in Earth as described in Micah 4:1-13.  That is the Blessedness that anybody will get whoever believes and works under Him.  The "Power symbol" is the LIGHTNING which actually happened around Him on the Earth when God appeared. E and W letters shows that, He is coming as lightning flashes from East to West as described in Matthew 24:27, which describes about the arrival of Son of Man.  Please read the entire chapter 24 of Matthew of the Holy Bible.  This Son of Man is the man described in Isaiah 46:11.  The water drops shown is the flow of Water of Life which was flowing through His body from heaven through His spirit which He could feel and see through the spirit and body when God appeared.  Please read Revelation 4:5-6, 14:2 and 19:6.  The bottom oval shaped cord, in which MAKUDAM / DIADEM is written, is the real original living MAKUDAM / DIADEM, which the Almighty GOD placed on the head of Him, when GOD revealed Him about what happened to Him and what is happening to Him through Psalms 1:1-6 and 2:1-12, which replaces the false diadem on the head of Statue of Liberty, USA.  When He received the MAKUDAM  / DIADEM the lamb described in Revelation 5:6 and 14:1 also appeared, which seems to be a secret in the history of mankind.  This also represents the joint working of the two semi spheres of the earth represented by East (MAKUDAM)  and West (DIADEM).  The Arrows represents the words of GOD through which the qualities required to live with GOD are written which is to be satisfied 100%.  These qualities are described in the regional language in East (Malayalam) and in the English language in West.  The unseen spirit from GOD also exists in this symbol as unseen.  When GOD empowered Him,  all Hosts, Powers, Words and Spirits along with GOD appeared along with the voice of GOD.  This was the satisfying moment about what Jesus Christ taught us through Mathew 5: 8 - "Blessed are the pure in heart: For they shall see GOD".  This empowerment happened on 21st October 2005 at 8.30PM at Piravom at the residence of Sri. Reji M. Issac, which also was the satisfying moment as prophesied in the Bible in                1 Timothy 6:15-17.  GOD gave the promise that whoever fights with Reji M. Issac will get Death, Hell, Hades and Subterranean Fire as penalty by putting them in to black hole, which is the everlasting punishment.  GOD also asked all the angels and spirits to inform this matter to the ends of the world.  This man is living with the protection of GOD as described in Isaiah 4:1-6.  Read also Revelation 21:1-4.  This is the everlasting kingship described in Daniel 7:27-28 which is given to Reji M. Issac.  He is also appointed as the King of the United States of America and India. The Lord God described in Bible in Revelation 22:5 started to rule the earth with this incident, after removing the Statue of Liberty (which was officially titled as Liberty Enlightening the World) of USA, which was Greek Sun-god Apollo or the Roman Sun-god HeliosHoly spirit is the executive secretary of the Lord God.    Wherever you see this symbol please understand that Angels are revolving around it to protect. Actually this is the key of the Sixth SenseThe key of the Sixth Sense is actuated using KEY OF LIFE.


H.H. & H. M. <=> His Holiness and His Majesty

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