What is S-NET?
                            S-NET stands for SPIRITUAL NETWORKS.  S-NET is basically a biological network of human beings.  This network is also extended to biological network of all living beings and materials, but for the time being out of our scope.  Whatever we see through our naked eyes has a spiritual counterpart through which GOD creates and controls.  This is done at heaven known as S-SPACE.  Whatever we- humans- create are also under the control of GOD through this spiritual power.  In Holy Bible we read this fact in Isaiah 44:24 and Zechariah 12:1.  It is very clear that when each human is born and grows a corresponding entity in S-SPACE also is grown which exactly counterparts the physical body and it is attached to a particular Heavenly Father, which is the authority in spiritual field.  Using a common buzz word we can describe S-NET as the Network of Sixth Senses.

                           S-NET is working parallel to Internet, where Internet is visible and S-NET is invisible, but its effects we can feel, see and hear through the spiritual senses.  What ever processes we see and execute is also done at the S-SPACE.  Some of the related incidences are S-MAIL, S-TEACHING, S-SEMINAR, S-CONFERENCE, S-VIDEO CONFERENCING, S-GOVERNMENT, S-GOVERNANCE, S-PUBLISHING, S-TRAVEL, S-CINEMA etc.

Why S-NET?
                           S-NET was existing earlier but it  was in a raw form.  Being the construction and working of the earth and living beings are in such a way that the bodies and s-net works together for the smooth functioning of both worlds and hence at the earth both worlds should work hand in hand.  What ever we felt as dead also works at S-SPACE and hence S-NET.  So also the teaching process should continue in S-NET also which is very essential for the smooth functioning of the earth.  Whatever we call as spirits are working in S-NET.  But being the "darkness" in earth affects the earth, the "darkness" in S-SPACE affects the S-NET also.  So S-TEACHING is very essential in S-NET also.  Fortunately whatever we teach at the earth through each individual also may teach some spirits in S-NET , thus teaching affects "eternity".  But the basic thing that you need in any teaching is a clear conscience and heart, as without that you cannot teach anybody convincingly, which is a mandatory requirement in S-TEACHING.  The most important thing that we have to understand is without GOD it is not possible to do this as everything is under the total control of GOD. 
Advantages of S-NET?
                           We can raise a slogan as follows "S-NET PROVIDES 100% QUALITY".  This is possible only with GOD.  This is what is taught by JESUS CHRIST in John 15:1-7.   The construction of S-NET is in such a way that no body can hide anything from GOD.  If anybody tries to hide any facts from GOD that will harm him/her.  We have to believe and understand that GOD have all the means to know all true facts.  That is what is the omnipotent, omnipresent, omni knowledgeable GOD is.  This is the latest communication media that is available today with best results without time delay.  The ultimate aim of S-NET is to make the sky and earth work together without any difference.  This is the only way towards the world peace;  and the authorities on earth and sky will be same.  Jesus Christ came on earth to start this process and now it  gets completed with the entire powers vested with the Lord God of the Earth.
How S-NET works?
                    To enter in to S-NET we need a key.  The key of the Sixth Sense!!!!!!.   The key of the S-NET is MAKUDAM / DIADEM which is the picture shown in the home page of http://www.makudam.net. To enter in to S-NET you have to understand "what is MAKUDAM / DIADEM?" (which is stated as click on MAKUDAM / DIADEM using your thought).  Once your heart is assimilated to MAKUDAM / DIADEM you will start to work with S-NET100% commitment towards the six qualities described in MAKUDAM / DIADEM is required for the smooth functioning of S-NET.

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